Paul Brain

Co-Founded League software at the beginning of 2011 with Gurjeet Sidhu. Seven League has a long term relationship providing technical support and programming for Valve, helping with their games and other systems.

15+ years industry experience, at a Lead Programmer/Senior Technical Director.

Passionate about games and innovative technology solutions that drive game quality.

Before Seven League, I spent my time in the games industry working at EA (EA UK and Criterion), Acclaim, and Psygnosis/Sony. My roles have generally been as Lead Programmer or Technical Director, either for the studio, core technology or particular franchises/games.

Over the years I have worked on many franchises including Valve Games (The Orange Box games, Counter Strike Global Offensive, DOTA2), Battlefield, Harry Potter, Need for Speed, Burnout Paradise, Crazy Taxi. and lots of other games in most genres.

Programming expertise : Most Consoles, PC ( Windows/linux/mac), C++, low level optimisation and assembler, many script and higher level languages. Most areas of game tech : Rendering, Physics, AI, Network, UI….

Whilst I have managed large groups (eg 30+ programmers), I also enjoy programming more than ever, and spend as much time possible coding as I can.



Gurjeet Sidhu

I’m the co-founder of  7Ls a company that provides technical consultancy services for video games. Paul Brain and I set up Seven League Software in 2011, with backing from Valve Software. Since then, as part of a long term relationship between Valve and Seven League, we’ve worked closely with teams at Valve on a range of exciting projects.

Prior to this I was a Technical Director at EA.

I have 12+ years of experience in a range of game programming disciplines: rendering, physics, AI, network, gameplay, optimisation. I’ve worked on a range of gaming hardware: PC, Console and Mobile. Some of the franchises I have worked on are Counter Strike:Global Offensive, The Orange Box, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, Harry Potter and Extreme G Racing.

I’m interested in all aspects of game technology and gameplay systems. I enjoy drawing upon results from fields such as computer graphics, physics, and AI, to solve problems on exciting, constantly evolving hardware. I enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary creative environment to create engaging, realtime software that customers interact with directly.